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Support Groups


For those dealing with HIV/AIDS, we have weekly meetings on Wednesday for the following activities: Counseling, Spiritual help, Psychological help, Hand work e.g beads, craft and gardening, and door to door home visits. Project managers verbal communication is also important to consider. Peer care-givers assist to identify if people need our support and ensure that they get all the support they require. Care-givers meets and report back to the project manager.

Vegatable Garden

​Our "Umgababa Centre" has plenty of land for farming. We have a big vegetable garden that provides for the children. Some of the vegetables include sweet potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes and spinach. The project aims to produce enough to sell the vegetables to the community and local supermarkets.

Food Distribution

With the help of SPAR and FOOD BANK, we provide food for the children. What is left over is distributed to the community and other surrounding centres. We are fortunate to receive deliveries every Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone has been relying on this service for the past ten years.


​We are making every effort in ensuring Gozololo is a sustainable non-profit organization. We have been in existence for over 17 years, all of which has been supported by private funding that we work hard to obtain. It is important for us to establish consistant funding. We guarantee transperancy in the way we use the funds donated to Gozololo.

Community Empowerment

We allow our premises to be used for community development workshops. These​ include workshops that educate parents on childcare and child development. We also offer after school study groups for high school students and plan on having workshops that educate rural communities on basic financial literacy.



Education and Training


Gozololo Centers have been networking with different organizations that are doing similar work. Preschool and kindergarden/grade R are part of our daily program.We have sent our management staff to do training on HIV/AIDS, counseling and facilitation. Educators are also attending workshops on early childhood development.

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