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Our operating expenses are based on current activities implemented by Mirriam and her staff at Gozololo. They are currently caring for over 2000 children onsite and off site.


There is daily breakfast and lunch for 500 children at R20/$2 per child, 5 times a week. That covers the basic cost of keeping children well fed. Mirriam's vision is to establish fifty Gozololo Centres in and around Durban. She has built three already so we have a long way to go. With your help we hope to achieve our objective. The current centres are established as models of excellence which can be emulated by other organizations such as businesses, churches and communities.


We aim to invite other provinces outside of Kwa-Zulu/Natal to adopt the Gozololo home based childcare model. We aim to meet the needs of over two million orphans in South Africa. We are determined to get Gozololo to a level where we are adequately funded and sustainable over a long period.


Through the 17 years we have been in operation, Mirriam has worked hard to acquire funding from the community, companies and everyday people, locally and internationally. Gozololo wouldn't be here today if it was not for their generosity.


The line is so fine that divides people with and without hope. Their potential for a bright future is dependent on how we collectively respond to the challenge of the HIV/AIDS orphans.


Please get in touch with us for a detailed break down of our funding proposal. Every dollar sent makes a huge difference in eveyone's lives here.







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